The Importance of Sustainability for the Future West Tower

Horizon House is proud to be an environmentally sustainable community for seniors, and the West Tower expansion will continue our sustainability efforts. In partnership with our award-winning project architect, Mithun, we are seeking LEED Gold Certification, the highest standard for green buildings. Sustainability initiatives include: 


Water Use Reduction 
Compared to current campus water use, all West Tower residences will have high-efficiency fixtures and appliances that reduce daily water waste by 30%, and efficient low-pressure irrigation systems for campus grounds will reduce water usage by 50%.


Energy Consumption Reduction 
Energy consumption in the West Tower will be reduced by 20% through energy-efficient HVAC systems to best control the building’s temperatures. Horizon House will continue its efforts to reduce excess carbon emissions into the outside air as much as possible through diminished use of fossil fuels. Through the West Tower’s energy-use efficiencies, residents’ own carbon footprints will be reduced. 


Reducing Waste 
Current Horizon House residents actively recycle and compost. Beyond recycling, Horizon House encourages residents to reuse or donate items when possible, which further lowers their carbon footprints.  


Prioritize Health and Well-being 
Ease of access to the outdoors will be another West Tower benefit. Residents will enjoy the many gardens and green spaces, both outdoors athis formnd inside, along with the abundant plantings that will improve both indoor and outdoor air quality. 


Learn More about the West Tower Expansion 

If you, or a friend or family member is interested in joining an independent living community with continuing care options, we invite you to learn more about the future West Tower at Horizon House. We are currently accepting deposits, and those who make a deposit now will have the earliest access to apartment choice, along with invitations to exclusive Horizon House events. Be among the first to move into the West Tower! 


To learn more about the West Tower expansion or to become a depositor, please fill out this form or call us today at 206-429-4353. 



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