Retirement Community: Where Caring Comes First

We are a community dedicated to doing what’s right. It’s that simple.

At Horizon House the togetherness we share is our bond. Our culture is an interconnected ecosystem of caring for each other. We’ve got your back!

Do Gooders Do Good Here

Horizon House residents are a generous bunch. They regularly volunteer as Friendly Visitors for those in Assisted Living. They also support them as appointment escorts, musicians, and even flower-arrangers. Three different needlework groups handcraft quilts and other items for shelter families. Another group makes wooden toys for kids in need.

Supporting Our Own

Residents support the yearly Partners in Caring initiative that:

  • Ensures every resident has a forever home at Horizon House, even if they outlive their financial resources.
  • Provides educational scholarships to our valued staff.
  • Makes grant funding available for a variety of resident and staff requests.

And that’s not all! At the close of the year, residents hold their own fundraiser with proceeds benefiting staff in recognition and celebration of their efforts.

Caring Beyond Our Doors

Community doesn't just live inside our walls; outside them is the greater Seattle community. The Horizon House Board of Trustees provides grants to non-profit organizations aligned with our mission.


"My favorite part of the Horizon House community is that it is a community! It’s so different from other places. The people really like to do things together, like to chat with each other, and there’s a wonderful spirit. Things happen here that I don’t think happen other places because people get together and make them happen. So, it’s fabulous."

Cami Elbow
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