Environmentalists Unite! Seattle Senior Community Honors Earth and Garden

We are a senior community in Seattle committed to the environment, sustainability, and care of Mother Earth.

In collaboration with Horizon House administration, the action-oriented residents of the Environment Committee are exploring carbon neutrality for our campus. With educational initiatives, systems for compositing and recycling that exceed industry standards, and the splendor of resident-tended terrace gardens, nature rules here!

garden city scape

pretty garden

Bloom Where You Are Planted: The Gardens are Gorgeous at this Seattle Senior Community 

If Seattle senior living means taking time to smell the roses, and then talk about them, Horizon House is for you.

On campus, you will find many ways to connect with nature and the outdoors. Soil, tools, and hoses are supplied by the Garden Committee and the gorgeous individual plots on our terrace gardens are lovingly planted and cared for by residents. There’s even an herb garden for everyone’s use.


Botanical Beauty Abounds

Nestled next to Horizon House is the lush greenery of Freeway Park. Regular garden excursions are part of life here too. Access to the botanical beauty of the Pacific Northwest is easy to come by, and another delightful reason for camaraderie.


“One of the things I most enjoy at Horizon House is sitting with friends on our Garden Terrace, in the midst of our own flowers, shrubs, and trees with the gleaming skyscrapers surrounding us. At the same time, we are awash with hummingbirds, juncos, robins, and other little creatures. It’s so lovely."

Annemarie Godston
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