Nutrition for Longevity

Many of the longest living people on earth have healthy habits in common, including mostly a whole-foods, plant-based diet with plenty of carbs, healthy fats, and fiber. While there may be more to The Blue Zones than what foods are eaten, most areas of the world with healthy aging populations have some foods they make sure to include in their diet. Incorporating these foods can be helpful in ensuring your diet is healthful and promotes longevity.

Olive Oil: The Nutritious Choice

Nutritious olive oil is a versatile ingredient for salads, sauces, or simple recipes such as sauteed veggies. Regardless of where it shows up in a meal, olive oil full of unsaturated fatty acids, which can help balance cholesterol levels. It also provides antioxidants linked to lower risk of many diseases, including some cancers. The health benefits of olive oil are also related to what it may replace in your diet, since research suggests that swapping out butter or processed fat for olive oil is linked to better heart health and longevity.

Honey for Health?

Too much sugar can be bad for your health and may decrease longevity. It’s also a major ingredient in ultra-processed foods, which are linked to higher risk of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. But enjoying a bit of unprocessed honey, either by the spoonful or tea can be nutritious, providing antioxidants that can help reduce cholesterol.

Beans: Nutrition Powerhouse

For a longevity choice, you can't beat beans! The soluble fiber in beans can cut cholesterol and help prevent type 2 diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar. A 2001 study found eating beans four times a week can cut heart disease by 22%. A 2004 study found people lives approximately eight more years for every 20gram intake of legumes – that’s only about an ounce.

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