Choosing the Right Retirement Community in Seattle 

Choosing the Right Retirement Community in Seattle 

Finding the right retirement community in Seattle can feel challenging with so many options from which to choose. Keep the six “As” in mind to decide what’s most important to you. 

Amenities in retirement homes 

Senior living communities provide a variety of amenities as a part of their standard offerings. Ask yourself: What are the services you would like to be accessible and on-site? Consider what’s most important to you. If you aim for convenience, look for communities with an on-site library, music and hobby rooms, salon, housekeeping and a concierge. If you prefer to be surrounded by nature, look for communities with gardens and nature trails. At Horizon House, our residents opt for amenities that encourage social interaction, intellectual stimulation, and community advocacy. 

Activities in retirement communities 

Regardless of age, staying active keeps both body and mind sharp. That’s why retirement communities offer an extensive array of activities. As you look at senior communities in Seattle, consider how you would like to occupy your time. What types of activities are offered? Is there a health center, pool, and fitness classes? Do you like music, art or woodworking? The breadth and availability of the activities offered have a big impact on enhancing your day-to-day life. Ask for the community’s activity calendar to find out if the activities there resonate with you.  

At Horizon House retirement community in Seattle, for example, most activities are developed and managed by the Residents’ Council. The calendar of activities, clubs, events and resident committees reflect the very diverse interests of the people who live here.  

Appetite (yes, we mean food) 

Nutrition and food variety are important, whatever your age. Retirement homes have come a long way from a one-size-fits-all approach to dining. Now, you’ll find food options to satisfy all appetites. From formal dining rooms with sit-down meals, to on-site, cozy cafes, there’s something for everyone. Similar to boutique hotels, you’ll even find grab-and-go options and small grocery stores. When you tour different locations, think about what meal and food options make sense for the life you want to live. 

Accessibility and location of senior living communities 

In your retirement, you’ll want to be accessible to the things and people who are most important to you. For example, do you want to live in a neighborhood close to wooded trails and the sounds of nature?  Or, is a bustling city with access to arts and culture more your style? You should also take into consideration how far away you will be from family and friends. And, finally, are you close enough to your doctors and hospital services? 

Apartments and living arrangements for seniors 

Moving from your house to downsize to a retirement community is a big step. Take this online assessment to evaluate your readiness and also consider the various housing alternatives available: 

  • How much space are you looking for?  

  • Are the residences comfortable, bright, and welcoming?  

  • Does the layout suit your lifestyle and activities?  

  • Do you want a full kitchen? 

  • What are the storage options?  

  • Is there room for visitors? 

To accurately envision living at the communities you are considering, make sure to check online floorplans and physically tour them to ensure your chosen option is the right one for you. 


Each type of senior community, including independent living, assisted living, CCRC, memory care, and nursing homes have different cost structures. There are monthly fees and sometimes entrance fees. The costs include services like meal plans, housekeeping, staff nutritionists, and concierges. 

In general, the more care you require, the higher the monthly cost will be. So, wherever you choose to live should realistically fit into your budget now and in the future. Check the National Council on Aging  for useful information on the differences in cost by category.  

You can obtain a general estimate of the cost of living at a retirement community using an online financial calculator. And for more detailed cost estimates, speak to the community’s sales director.  

For more information about the amenities, activities, apartment options, accessibility, dining and affordability of Horizon House in Seattle, contact us today

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