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The Wellness Program: Key to Active, Independent Senior Living

We’re into February, month #2 of New Year’s Resolutions—how are YOU doing?

If you’re like a majority of Americans of every age and size, you’re trying to eat right and exercise—this year and every year. At Horizon House, where active, independent senior living is a way of life, our Wellness Program is key to helping residents achieve their goals.

Our comprehensive program offers over 38 classes a week to meet the varying needs and capabilities of older adults in both Independent and Supported Living:

  • Group classes in the pool and on dry land designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness, strengthen the muscles, and maintain flexibility
  • Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi classes, for a slower-paced, more reflective exercise practice
  • Seated, non-weight bearing classes
  • Weight Watchers

As of the beginning of the year, we’ve added three additional stretch and strength classes each week at an earlier time to accommodate the increased attendance. What great news: More residents than ever are participating in the Wellness Program!

Besides our three full-time staff members—who teach classes, provide support in the gym, and design individualized exercise programs—we have six talented, certified outside instructors providing offerings from dance aerobics to gentle yoga.

The Wellness department offers a holistic approach to optional services. Two Licensed Massage Therapists offer services specifically for seniors, including Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and acupuncture. Infinity Rehab provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy on site, as well. All services can be booked by appointment daily.

Our Wellness Program takes advantage of the community outside the doors of Horizon House, too. We have an extensive walking program throughout the summer, in which we explore parks and other attractions throughout our downtown Seattle location. We also believe in bringing the community in—expert speakers have presented such topics as the heart health benefits of dark chocolate and fall prevention.


The benefits of exercise are so numerous: as we know from Physics, a body in motion will stay in motion. Regular exercise helps seniors maintain their independence. It can prevent or delay the onset of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Those suffering from chronic illnesses can better manage symptoms with increased physical activity. Exercise helps overall well being by improving mood and managing stress. Plus Wellness classes and activities are just plain fun—they’re a great way to spend time with neighbors. You’re sure to see a friendly face in the gym. Join us!

Matt Morse, Wellness Manager, and the Wellness Program Team

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