The Skydiving Centenarian

By August 27, 2018Uncategorized

Horizon House resident Stu Williamson skydived for his 100th birthday. And he plans to do it again in two years to beat the world record. 

Stu Williamson skydived for his 99th birthday. Then, he skydived for his 100th birthday. He’s planning to do it again when he’s a little more than 102 years old (so he can beat the Guinness Book of World Records holder). Stu’s daredevil and endearing story lit up the hearts of the nation. His story first went viral in the Pacific Northwest, but soon national and international news stations were calling to get an interview with Stu. He soon became one of Horizon House’s “celebrity” residents.

We think Stu tells his story the best, so we encourage you to watch the video below of Stu’s big day (put together by Skydive Snohomish).

You can also click the links below to see and read through the interviews with Stu.

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