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Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

Welcome to our Horizon House blog! You’ll be hearing from a variety of folks in our community, from staff and leaders, to board members, to residents and friends of the House. We’ll look forward to filling you in on our events, people, initiatives, and thoughts about living creatively—a Horizon House hallmark. I have the pleasure of leading off as Blogger #1.

By almost any account this has been the summer to remember in terms of continuous great weather. I commute to work by bicycle most days, just a few miles from my home on Capitol Hill, and have logged more dry commutes than any of the past 15 summers here at Horizon House. Spirits seem to be generally higher and more seems to be happening both within our community (can there possibly be any more events jammed into a week at HH) and around town. So what are your memorable moments this summer?

For me the big deal was my daughter’s wedding and a string of receptions beginning in June in California, where she was married on the beach south of Santa Cruz in a small family ceremony. The celebrations continued into early August for the Washington contingent, with a square dance and reception at the Grange Hall on Lummi Island where we have a retreat home. Whoa, did we shake up the dance floor! One of the things I appreciate most about my daughter’s generation is they do it their own way; in this case, keeping it simple yet engaging their various communities of friends and family wherever they are in a genuine celebration of life and love. What a treat for this Dad and my wife, Julie! Check out the photo above.

The folks at Horizon House, my wonderful resident friends, all 600 of them, know how to party, too. In July they had their annual Resident Picnic with a circus theme—complete with a stilt-walking balloon artist, fabulous barbeque, great entertainment by staff and residents, and plenty of crazy costumes. Who do you think is behind that Jester’s mask? And would you believe that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are none other than my Directors of Community Relations and Philanthropy? Really?

Another highlight for me was the Ball Rouge, the Red Ball, held in Freeway Park just behind Horizon House. This Park is a community treasure and each year Horizon House hosts this program, Dancing Till Dusk. On August 22 we danced to the live music of a renowned waltz band, KGB, celebrating the vitality of community life in the heart of this great city. What an experience for residents throughout our community including those who live in our Supported Living apartments – community at its best.

I have learned from many wise people, many of whom reside at Horizon House, that it is important to live in the moment, enjoy the present, and share my gratitude for whatever comes to me. So what moments were meaningful for you this summer? What brings gratitude to your heart? I’d love to hear from you. Let’s keep this blog lively, fun, and informative.


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