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Stories of Promise

Donors support Horizon House and its endowment for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways, but they all share a common passion for their home and assuring that it will be here for everyone for many years to come. Read these residents’ stories of promise.

An IRA Can Last Forever – Olga Stewart  


Estate planning gives us opportunities to think about what we value most in life and how we support those values beyond our lifetimes.

Raised during the Great Depression, Olga Stewart found she had a passion for civil rights. She worked hard all of her life in the education and nonprofit sectors, promoting justice and community. Olga was profoundly affected by her work directing the Central Seattle Community Council Federation, which was dedicated to maintaining quality of life for people living in diverse neighborhoods.

Olga and her husband Art believed in investing in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Early in their careers, they set up IRAs through their employers, and these accounts have enabled her to enjoy retirement. Appreciating her Horizon House home, she chose to designate the Residents Assistance Endowment as a beneficiary of her IRA.

Olga also values her life here, which continues to be enriching. She believes in our nonprofit status and our dedication to dignified aging. She hopes her Horizon House neighbors will be able to stay in the homes that have nourished them and to live out their lives with grace. Olga is grateful that her IRA gift is contributing to the growth of the endowment, enabling our residents to maintain their quality of life.  

A Legacy of Compassion – The Simons


Anne and Lang Simons were married in 1951. Six years later they moved to Seattle, which became their permanent home. Their support of nonprofit organizations is widespread: Washington Governor’s Mansion Foundation, Virginia Mason Medical Center, and Plymouth Housing Group, to name a few. The Simons express a sense of gratitude for the roles that charitable organizations play in our society and for their philanthropic involvement with a variety of people and causes.

We are grateful to Anne and Lang for considering their Horizon House home an important charitable cause. Lang serves on the Horizon House Philanthropy Committee, and last year he was co-chair of Partners in Caring. Anne and Lang have invested in charitable gift annuities benefiting Horizon House—an option they see as a “very easy and practical way to provide support,” taking into consideration the tax benefits and the lifelong income stream they provide.

Anne and Lang’s philanthropic actions are instrumental in supporting the Residents Assistance Endowment, enabling those under financial duress to continue living in their Horizon House homes. The Simons encourage others to do the same.


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