The Seasonal Spirit of Giving: Residents to Employees

In anticipation of the holidays, Employee Recognition Fund Committee members kicked off their 2014 drive in October with a Blues Brothers-style line-up of “Rappers” asking fellow residents to “Dig Down Deep & Pull Up Lots & Lots & Lots of Cash!” to reward employees. The drive has been going strong and is nearing the goal line.

Each year the Residents’ Council Employee Recognition Fund distributes monetary gifts to Horizon House staff (with the exception of the Executive Team) in appreciation of their services. The total amount raised last year was $200,470!

We have a no-tipping policy so this fund is one of the ways residents give back to the employees whose hard work makes Horizon House a great place to live all year long. Once contributions are received, gift amounts are determined by the Residents’ Council Finance Committee, and checks are distributed to employees at the holiday party, which is organized and hosted by residents. Employee eligibility is based on duration of employment— full-time staff receives the full gift amount, but part-timers, on-call staff, even employees as new to Horizon House as three to six months receive their portions of this generous bonus. Thank you, residents!

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