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Sara’s Snippets – May 2019

Horizon House CEO Sara McVey shares updates on what’s happening inside Horizon House and outside of Horizon House in her life, in her monthly column.



In May, Supported Living achieved re-accreditation with Comfort Matters. This is a program we have been accredited with since January 2015 that focuses on the delivery of compassionate, evidence-based care for those coping with mid- to late-stage dementia. Comfort Matters is, simply put, a focused approach to late-stage dementia care that focuses on aggressive palliative measures to meet the physical, social, spiritual, and emotional needs of those residents. This approach challenges us to honor, involve, and empower the Staff closest to Residents when making decisions regarding their care. Learn more here: https://www.comfortmatters.org/accreditation/.

Master Plan Update

The Central Tower (CT) Roof Replacement will begin in mid-June. Replacement of the Sky Lounge HVAC (heating/ventilation) will likely occur in August to correlate to the roof work. A logistics plan, including the position of dumpsters, equipment, and overall conditions of the roof replacement has been secured and Residents have received an initial announcement. More information will be forthcoming in June. Additionally, the CT solution study is still underway to understand the current status of the building, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and overall marketable life. Once the CT scope and pricing is better defined, we will commence with other priorities, including Anderson Hall refurbishment, the right sizing of Supported Living, and possible conversion of space to new Independent Living apartments. In addition, Trustees are engaging in a strategic discussion around ways we can redefine our business and service model to enable a successful ‘aging in place’ approach. The Master Plan process will likely extend over the next 10 years.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was well attended by Residents and Horizon House continues to be well represented by a dedicated Board of Trustees. Front Row left to right: Jim Fitzgerald, Bob Cline, Ann Brand (VP), Tom Garland (Board Chair), Sara McVey, Bob George (Treasurer) Back Row left to right: Kathy Turner, Jim Yearby, Ned Lange (Secretary), Harold Zeitz, Susan Duffy, David Okimoto, Julius Debro, Madge Hislop, Mike Mecham.

Maddy Graduated

My stepdaughter Madison graduated! I met this little girl when she was 5 years old and now, she is a 22-year-old graduate of Colorado University. Madison is currently taking a little trip around Europe with her boyfriend. I can track her location by text alerts telling me that someone in Germany has logged into my Netflix account. Her degree is in Strategic Marketing. I will keep you posted on when she gets that first real job.

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