Plymouth Housing Dedicates “Sylvia’s Place” apartments to resident Sylvia Odom

At a recent Fireside Chat, guest Paul Lambros, the Executive Director of Plymouth Housing Group, had a little surprise for all of us at Horizon House. He announced that his organization would be building new affordable housing for 63 single adults in downtown Seattle at 3rd Avenue and Virginia Street, which is great news in and of itself.

But what was even better, the new building will be called Sylvia’s Place in honor of Horizon House resident Sylvia Odom! As you can see from the photo, Sylvia was truly surprised. She has volunteered for Plymouth Housing for 35 years, an early advocate of affordable housing for Seattle’s homeless. The very first apartments Plymouth developed were located above the Lusty Lady–the organization has come a long way, though only a few blocks north, in the intervening years.

Sylvia’s Place will serve as a “graduation” building for residents with a demonstrated record of stable tenancy, who are ready to transition to conventional rental housing. Plymouth Housing is grateful to dedicated volunteers like Sylvia Odom, and all of us at Horizon House and throughout the Seattle community are grateful to Plymouth Housing for their excellent work. We’re also thrilled and proud of Sylvia!

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