Memory Care

A Safe, Supportive Memory Care Environment

Horizon House offers specialized memory support in a secure residential setting for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our staff is specially trained to provide individualized care while maintaining quality of life for residents as their needs change.

We have licensed nursing and Elder Care Assistants (also known as Certified Nursing Assistants) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, along with a dedicated Master’s degree-qualified Social Worker (MSW) to serve both residents and their families.

We work collaboratively with every resident and family to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in a respectful and caring environment.

Horizon House is an accredited provider of “Comfort Matters™,” a compassionate, person-centered approach that meets the broad spectrum of needs of people with dementia: social, spiritual, and emotional, as well as medical and physical. In our Memory Support neighborhood, we…

Anticipate needs:

  • Feed people before they are hungry.
  • Give them fluids before they are thirsty.
  • Help them lie down before they fall asleep.
  • Provide comfort as soon as people seem to be in pain.
  • Help people occupy their time before they become bored.

Know the Person and Honor Preferences: 
Staff is familiar with important life events, past daily routines, vocations, and family and friends. Knowing the person also means that staff understands what makes an individual comfortable and happy given the challenges of dementia.

Empower Staff: All staff members have the “go ahead” to do what is best for individuals with dementia, and they work together in interdisciplinary teams. These empowered employees become the voice of the person with dementia.

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A comprehensive monthly service fee, which is paid for privately and may be supplemented through long-term care insurance, includes an apartment fee, based on size and location, and a level of care fee. The amount of care and support a resident requires is assessed upon move-in, as well as periodically (and in the event of a significant healthcare change). A second person fee of $1,250 is applicable to all apartments.

Range of Memory Support Fees

Apartment StyleApartment FeeLevel of Care Fee

$2,600 – $3,200

$2,200 – $11,000


$3,500 – $6,200

$2,200 – $11,000