Assisted Living Program Overview

Personalizing Comfort and Stability

Our Assisted Living program, offers both long-term residency, as well as short-term respite stays, to Horizon House residents.

To discuss your needs, please call 206-382-3100 or email Marketing.

What distinguishes the Horizon House approach to Assisted Living? We are…

  • Personalized and resident-focused: At Horizon House, residents (and their families) are encouraged, supported, and involved in making decisions about their health and well-being.
  • Comfortable: Each resident has a private studio or one-bedroom apartment, with their own furnishings and belongings to make them feel at home. Most importantly, residents are able to live as independently as possible — to come and go, enjoy visitors, and choose from many opportunities to be active and involved.
  • Relationship-driven: Residents become part of a neighborhood and are continually supported by licensed and certified staff, people they come to know and trust and who understand their needs and preferences. This continuity between residents and staff — and the personal relationships that are formed – help to create a sense of comfort and stability.

Reasons to move to our Assisted Living neighborhood:

  • A need for ongoing assistance with self-care tasks, medication management, and monitoring of medical conditions, such as heart disease, Parkinson’s, or other chronic illnesses.
  • A desire for socialization. Programs and events are offered seven days a week in Supported Living.
  • A spouse or partner is no longer able to provide care.
  • Private caregiver expenses have become unmanageable.

Reasons to consider a short-term respite stay:

  • Preparation for a hospital procedure.
  • An illness, a fall, or frailty indicates decreased comfort or an inability to feel safe at home.
  • A spouse, partner, or family member has a planned vacation or emergency.

When our residents require hospitalization or short-term stays in a skilled nursing facility, it’s good to know that Horizon House maintains close relationships with nearby providers who serve our residents on a priority basis. Our licensed nursing staff stays in close contact with residents throughout their hospital or skilled nursing stays and upon their return.

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Email our Life Enrichment Team to inquire about volunteering in Horizon House Assisted Living


A comprehensive monthly service fee, which is paid for privately and may be supplemented through long-term care insurance, includes an apartment fee, based on size and location, and a level of care fee. The amount of care and support a resident requires is assessed upon move-in, as well as periodically (and in the event of a significant healthcare change). A second person fee of $1,250 is applicable to all apartments.

Range of Assisted Living Fees

Apartment StyleApartment FeeLevel of Care Fee
Studio$3,400 – $6,900$2,350 – $11,500
One Bedroom$6,750 – $7,950$2,350 – $11,500

Volunteering in Assisted Living at Horizon House

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –Gandhi

Volunteers of all ages and abilities enhance the quality of life for Assisted Living residents with their talents, skills, and kindness.

There are so many ways to volunteer:

  • Helping with arts and crafts projects
  • Making one-on-one visits, forming a friendship
  • Transporting residents to activities and programs within Horizon House
  • Leading a group, i.e., knitting, crosswords, Scrabble, current events discussion, writing
  • Participating in special events, outings, and other programs
  • Playing an instrument or singing together
  • Reading out loud
  • Enjoying quiet time 

The Horizon House volunteer program oversees the coordination and placement of individuals who wish to volunteer, including Horizon House residents, people from the larger community, students, and youth groups who wish to contribute their time and special skills to our community.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Life Enrichment team by emailing