Our Board of Trustees

Upholding the Values of the Greater Community

Horizon House is directed by a Board of Trustees that is responsible for hiring and evaluating the CEO, developing overall strategy and policies in collaboration with the Executive Team, overseeing planning of facilities and services, and making sure that we are organizationally and financially stable — now and in the future. The Board consists of between 10 and 15 voting members, including the President of the Residents’ Council, and up to five residents, plus a trustee appointed by the Conference Minister of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ or its successor.

Much Board work is done by the Standing Committees (which also include non-Board community members and residents): Audit, Community Relations & Diversity, Executive, Finance, Governance, and Philanthropy. The Governance Committee identifies and assesses new Board members for the specific skills and experience that are needed by the Board as a whole; they then forward their recommendations for a full Board vote.

Trustees serve for a term of three years, with a maximum length of service being three consecutive terms. The full Board meets quarterly. Board Committees meet on a regular basis throughout the year. The Board is advised by legal counsel and an auditor. Residents are invited to the Board’s annual meeting each February.

2021 Board of Trustees


  • Ann L. Brand, President
  • Mike Mecham, Vice President
  • Bob George, Treasurer
  • David Okimoto, Secretary
  • Tom Garland, Past President
  • Peter Shapiro, Residents’ Council President
  • Jan Corriston
  • Susan Duffy
  • Gary Southerton
  • Alex Tibbetts
  • Harold Zeitz
  • Jim Yearby