Meet Our Residents

Hear what our diverse community of residents have to say about life at Horizon House.

I (Don) was on the Horizon House Board in the late ‘90s as a representative of the United Church of Christ (UCC) Conference. As a result, we came to know the community well. We were on the future resident list for about five years. We had good friends here and visited from time to time. We also visited a lot of other retirement places and found out where we didn’t want to go. There were many beautiful communities, but they were more like hotels than home. Here at Horizon House, there’s just so much more happening.

Early on we had lunch with a friend and we thought the food was imaginative and delightful. What prompted our move was the realization that we were getting older. We always seemed to be getting on a ferry (we lived on Bainbridge Island), and it just got less and less convenient. It just made sense to move and the Horizon House location is marvelous.

Horizon House is a village—it’s a community. We’re both very impressed with the variety of programs and issues that are discussed. It’s kind of like being on a university campus. And the staff is a great part of it.”

Don and Lynnea Mayer
Woman and man sitting in chairs, facing each other in front of a large abstract painting
Woman looking at camera, in front of abstract painting

I have several friends who live in other communities. They all say they like where they live. I believe their residents are just as nice as ours and their interior decorations are very attractive, but no other place in Seattle is located in as beautiful a neighborhood as ours. I had difficulty in making a decision about where to live after the death of my husband, and made down payments to several places. I’m really glad I decided on Horizon House and have no regrets. It brings me peace in my heart knowing I am safe and secure in my home.”

Teruko Chin

We chose Horizon House for a number of reasons. One, because it had a sense of warmth and welcome to it, we had a good feeling towards Valerie Wagner in marketing and the whole community right away. The location can’t be beaten, it’s easy to access downtown Seattle through the convention center—we now walk to so many activities to which we formerly drove our car, like the Seattle Art Museum. We also chose it because of its great amenities, our favorite being the beautiful art collection and the convenient gym and saltwater swimming pool.

Having lived here for a little more than a year, the things we like best are the people, there’s an astonishing array of very interesting and like-minded residents, as well as a very large number of programs in which to participate and meet people. My main ones are the history lectures and the men’s group, plus the live and taped musical programs, and the movies. Last, but not least, we love our very nice West Wing apartment with the large patio. Who knew we two could be happy in 975 square feet!”

George Counts
Man looking at camera smiling
Cami Elbow

My favorite apartment feature is that we are at the treetop level and there are huge windows and there are corner windows. And so, in the daytime, we look out at the trees. At night, we look at the lights of the buildings above. We’re in nature even though we’re in the middle of the city.

My favorite part of the Horizon House community is that it is a community! It’s so different from other places. The people really like to do things together, like to chat with each other, and there’s a wonderful spirit. Things happen here that I don’t think happen other places because people get together and make them happen. So, it’s fabulous.”

Cami Elbow

The apartment itself, the view, of course the windows. I love the kitchen. The fact is, there are beautiful apartments all over Seattle, with everything that we have here. But what they don’t have is Horizon House. It’s just a wonderful place to live! I hear people say to me, we were waiting for the right apartment. And then what happens is they move into the apartment and they still want it to be nice but it’s not primarily an importance. What’s most important is the community, and that’s what I love.”

Judy Cline
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Man and woman, shoulder to shoulder, holding hands in front of windows with city view

I met Ann Hill, my friend and she introduced me to Horizon House. I wanted to be close to a hospital as Maotang and I are aging so this was a good location. But before I chose Horizon House, I looked at 2 or 3 other retirement homes. I didn’t like them because they didn’t seem clean. When I came back to tour with Valerie, I realized this is the place for us. It was updated and looked so clean and modern like a 5 star hotel. We really liked that so that’s why we chose Horizon House.”

Huifang Wang and Maotang Han

Priscilla Lange: I love my apartment. I got to play around with it before the interior was built which was extremely lucky. I like it. I take more walls for my artwork but not the windows because that’s Seattle artwork. I love being over the park down below and watching the seasons change and people coming through with their dogs in the park down there, it’s wonderful.

Ned Lange: Our favorite part about this apartment is the openness, the buildings around us, and we love our murphy bed as our second bedroom. ”

Ned & Priscilla Lange
Man standing in front of windows, smiling at camera
Woman, seated in front of window, sunlight behind her, smiling

I just watch everything. The planes going in and out. You can see the Prime trucks stop to deliver. I can see all the construction that is happening all around us because this view is huge. I love it here!”

Elizabeth Hoover

We chose Horizon House because we knew people who lived here from early 2000. I started visiting people, so I come to dinner here. I go to people’s apartments. It was sort of a friendship program through church that I got involved with people here. We just really loved it, both my husband and myself – and said, this is where we want to be! My apartment has a lovely kitchen, which is the favorite part. The kitchen extends into the dining room. I love to cook and I love to have people over for different functions. But it also serves as a place where I can lay my art out on the big counter tops and on the dining room table, and I can work on pieces of art there if I’m not going down to the studio. ”

Maryann Counts
Woman reading book in library
Seated woman smiling at the camera, yellow wall with light in the background

I would say the feature we fell in love with primarily was the light. This apartment is on a corner and it’s got lights to the south, lights to the east. And then the other selling point was the spaces because the way the apartment is laid out, and just the convenience of everything, it just felt right to us. It’s such a vibrant community. Everyone here is just so engaged. We have a Residents’ Council elected by the residents. It has wonderful flowers, art, activities, programs of every type. Beautiful library, very extensive library. So, you hardly have to leave the place. It’s just so well managed and so well run.”

Susan Barash

I thought I needed a two bedroom but this is a large one bedroom. So I put my office at the end of my bedroom, and I bought sofa bed so that serves as my second bedroom. I love the bay windows, you see the view throughout. When you come in the door, you take about three steps and, WOW! The city lights at night are spanning and the colors in the daytime, so I love everything about my apartment. Couldn’t be happier!”

Joyce Greenwood
Woman seated at table, arm on table, wearing an alert wrist pendent, smiling.