Events + Activites

The Key to a Vibrant Lifestyle is Openness to Possibilities

Just one look at the partial list of what goes on here, and you’ll see why Horizon House residents are known for their engagement in the community and the world around us — and why we’ve never needed a staff social director! The overwhelming majority of our programming is resident-generated and resident-managed.

And resident involvement doesn’t stop at our front door. Many of our residents are also active as volunteers in the broader community. So whether you want to stick with your current interests or develop new ones, our stimulating campus is just the place to do it.

  • Bridge Lessons
  • Election Forums
  • Ethnic Awareness Committee
  • Great Short Stories Study Group
  • History Lectures
  • Let’s Talk General Discussion Group
  • Library Committee
  • Mac & PC User Groups
  • Men’s Discussion Group
  • Seattle Neighborhoods Group
  • Secular Humanists
  • World Concerns
  • OK Chorale
  • Friday & Saturday Night Films
  • Opera Lectures
  • Sunday Musicale
  • Wednesday Night Live Music
  • Conservation
  • Flowers (interior arrangements)
  • Gardens (exterior terraces)
  • Safety & Emergency Preparedness
  • Art
  • Chapel
  • Food & Dining
  • Wellness
  • Travel Planning
  • Welcoming Mentors
  • Birthday Receptions
  • Holiday Parties, New Year’s
  • Eve to Halloween
  • Mixers
  • Picnics
  • Art Studio
  • Computer Room
  • Gift Wrap Room
  • Plant Potting Room
  • Sewing Room
  • Woodworking Shop

Monday Market

The Heartbeat of Horizon House

Proceeds from sales at the Monday Market go to fund Horizon House resident activities, events, committees, and more

Now Open: Monday’s 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM