Horizon House Lingo: Bright Spots

By October 21, 2019Uncategorized

In each newsletter, we give you a peek into what life is like at Horizon House, which includes keeping you up-to-date on the lingo we use around here. This time, you’ll learn about Bright Spots!

bright spot lingoA Bright Spot is something positive that comes from an interaction at Horizon House. It can be as small as two people smiling at each other in the hallway or as big as a resident surprising a staff member with a freshly baked cookie. Residents use Bright Spot Cards to share their appreciation for things staff do for them, and staff members share Bright Spots with each other regularly in meetings.

Each department is encouraged to put Bright Spots on every meeting agenda and:

  • ask how we can use this Bright Spot in another area of the organization (remove silos and tie to annual priorities).
  • ask why was this a Bright Spot.
  • discuss what behaviors contributed to it being a Bright Spot (core values).

Bright Spots are then regularly shared in resident newsletters and via email to staff. Did someone create a Bright Spot for you during a recent visit to Horizon House? Let us know and we will be sure they are recognized!

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