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Horizon House Continues with Master Plan Process

The draft expansion details from Rice Fergus Miller. Please click to make larger.

In 2017, Horizon House embarked on a Master Planning process to determine where we had opportunities to better serve the needs of residents and staff. We invited a group of residents, staff, and future residents to tell us what they thought could improve about Horizon House. From these sessions, we identified three key aspects to the master plan.

  • The first is the items we Need to Do. This includes a new roof and an HVAC system in the Central Tower, the oldest part of our community, right-sizing of our Supported Living neighborhood, and improving access to outdoor space.
  • The second part is looking at things that Support the Culture of Horizon House. Our identified opportunities include looking at the amenity space in Supported Living, improving the experience in Anderson Hall, create an enhanced dining experience within the Bistro and the Terrace Dining Room, improve the amenity space on the B1 level, and create better staff spaces.
  • Finally, we wanted to look at opportunities that Produce Revenue. Horizon House has exhausted our current footprint so there are very few opportunities to add apartments to our campus. Any additional apartment we may want to add would have to be done so in our current building. We need further analysis but at this time, we do not expect to add a significant number of Independent Living apartments to our campus. Contrary to some rumors, Horizon House will not be building a new tower of apartments.

Horizon House hired Rice Fergus Miller, a local architectural firm. They have started the long process of collecting information from residents and staff and will be working on plans throughout the coming year. On our current timeline, any construction wouldn’t begin until 2020.

Primary funding for this project will come from refinancing bonds at the end of 2017 which gave us an additional $23 million available over the next three years. Horizon House’s access to these funds came after receiving a rating of BBB+ from Fitch Ratings Inc.


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