Horizon House Celebrates Retirement Community Week!

Each year, Horizon House Residents & Staff come together to celebrate the best parts of our community in a week-long celebration that we call Retirement Community Week.

Click the photos below to see some fun outfits, fabulous hats, celebrations, and more!

Staff also donated their baking skills and energy into a Bake Sale. Residents paid top dollar for some real treats, and all proceeds went to Horizon House’s Employee Emergency Fund, which makes funds available for staff members who need help with unexpected expenses. The Bake Sale raised nearly $1,000 in 4 hours, and that’s a true testament to how amazing the community is here.

At the end of the week, Staff put on a Talent Show for the Residents. Staff showcased skills like acrobatic yoga, film-making, singing, dancing, and more! You can watch the full Talent Show video by clicking here.

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