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Holistic Health at Horizon House: Healthy Choices Buffet

At Horizon House, the overall wellbeing of our residents is of the utmost importance to our entire team, from food to exercise to mental health. As part of our holistic health approach, our Nutrition Care Manager, Shayla and Dining Chef Steve worked in tandem to develop a recent Healthy Choices Buffet. 

The idea behind this buffet lunch came from the sub-committee chaired by Bill Roach in collaboration with Shayla and Chef Steve to provide residents with an opportunity to sample some of the new, healthier menu items that could be served more regularly. During the buffet, residents filled out a survey developed by Shayla to gauge several different areas surrounding healthy options provided by dining services. Chef Steve and Shayla were on hand in the dining area throughout the event to answer any questions residents may have had surrounding food in particular healthy eating.  

In addition to the Healthy Choices Buffet, there are a variety of ways that healthy eating is being incorporated into daily life at Horizon House: 

  • Once a month, Chef Steve and Shayla collaborate to put on a live “Teaching Kitchen” video where they demonstrates how to prepare a variety of healthy, balanced meals and share nutritional information  
  • Every Horizon House Menu has a section named “Shayla’s Nutrition Corner” where she answers one question related to nutritional health  
  • The team works to educate residents on the importance of nutrition by allowing them to watch and taste test the newest additions to the menu 
  • Morrison Living supports a few programs at Horizon House, including an upcoming program called “Move Your Mind.” This 8-to-12-week course educates participants on how to utilize nutrition, exercise effectively and stay healthy in all aspects of life. 

The main goals of the programs are to measure health, develop a plant-based menu, add more fiber into residents’ diets, offer hydration techniques, reduce sodium and provide physical and mental exercise.

Thank you to all of our staff members who make these programs possible!  

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