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Hearing Your Stories Helps Us Do a Better Job in Supported Living

“My dad was such a proud man …”


“Mom sacrificed so much for us …”


When families share their stories with us, we feel their love and concern, and it shapes what we do at Horizon House. It helps us to see beyond the aging issues, dementia, and diminished function of the residents in our care. It helps us to remember that each of these individuals has led an abundant life, contributed to society, influenced communities, loved and been loved by families and friends. They are fellow humans on a shared journey.


This month, we’re sharing some of the questions we hear from families who are considering Horizon House Supported Living for their loved ones because they may be your questions also. Families talk to us because they know in their hearts this would be a healthy, positive transition for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa…but they still feel hesitant. Transitions are hard—especially because this move is likely the final chapter in an elder’s lifetime journey. That’s why it’s so important. Shouldn’t this chapter be filled with joy, love, friendship, an active social life, nutritious meals, and optimum wellness?  Our residents have earned the right to dignified aging in a gracious environment, and that’s what we assure them.


“I don’t want my mom to be lonely …”

Horizon House residents live in community, dine in community, sing and dance and work on art projects together, socialize with old friends, and make new ones. Their lives are almost always richer and fuller because of this caring community. Residents watch out for each other, and staff is alert to any signs of depression, illness, or loneliness, and takes appropriate action. Your loved ones are not lonely or alone.


“Can you care for my dad as he declines?”

Supported Living is a skilled, compassionate hybrid of assisted living and skilled nursing.  This model of care allows us to tailor our services to each individual, and we continually reassess, with the family, as the resident requires further services. Our care exceeds traditional assisted living and offers a higher quality of social life than a nursing home. At Horizon House we can care for our residents until the end of life, in the familiar comfort of their residence.


“Will my grandma still see her friends who are in Independent Living?”

Supported Living residents who make the transition from Horizon House Independent Living enjoy dining with old friends in Independent Living and engaging in entertainment and other activities just as they did before making this transition. Many Independent Living residents also volunteer, visiting and interacting with Supported Living residents.  They keep an eye on each other. We have residents who are over 100 years old and take it upon themselves to watch out for others who are more frail or forgetful. They’ll alert the nurse, servers, and others if someone has a need, or isn’t feeling well, or forgot their hearing aids.


“I want my grandfather’s caregivers to be consistent.”

Our staff is deeply committed to residents, and we enjoy unusually high staff longevity.  To ensure continuity of care, which is very important to our residents, we’ve created small “neighborhoods” where the one-on-one care, delivered by the same staff, feels like extended family. Residents get to know each other, families get to know other residents, and our staff links everyone with hands-on care and continuity of presence.


“Can my parents afford this level of care?”

It is difficult to put a price on caring for our loved ones, but whether you care for your parents at home, hire home care providers, move them into nursing care, or choose Horizon House, it can be expensive for families to care for their elders with dementia.  What we offer is the highest quality of life you’ll find. Every service, every amenity, the nutritious meals, the socialization, and the 24/7 nursing care add up to incomparable value. We have late-stage dementia residents who cannot remember many ordinary tasks, yet you’ll find them helping bake an apple pie. Life at Horizon House Supported Living is of the utmost quality. Our caring staff, committed to treating our residents as family, is trained and reliable. When you entrust your loved one to our care, you may rest assured that he or she will continue to be loved, safe, and nurtured.


Call us.  Let us walk you through this transition.

Another aspect of care that differentiates Horizon House is this: We have a team of experienced social workers that counsels residents and families, guides them through transitions, and helps them make tough decisions. We know how hard this necessary move is for families. And we’re here to soften the journey. Call us, share your story, and let us walk with you: 206.382.3100.

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