Former Board of Trustees President Fletch Waller opines on what makes Horizon House the leading retirement community in the region

By September 12, 2013Leadership

From the blog of Fletch Waller, Horizon House Board Member

Spring is in the air. Daffodil spears are poking upwards, and last month marked the end of my presidency of Horizon House, a wonderful, two – year learning experience from which I received much more than I delivered. (“President” might mislead, the role perhaps better described as chair of the board.)

For those who know it not, Horizon House is a vibrant community of 500 – some retirees who live in a complex of apartments in downtown Seattle. The campus sits between a cl uster of medical facilities known colloquially as “pill hill” and Seattle’s unique Freeway Park, a water and garden expanse built on a lid over the Interstate that cuts through the heart of our city. The site offers easy walking access, via that park, to t he artistic, cultural, dining and shopping core of Seattle.


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