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Fast Five: Jessica Bloch

Each month, we ask a new staff member to tell us random facts about themselves. It’s a quick and easy way to get to know a bit more about what’s beyond the face. This month, we feature Life Enrichment Associate Jessica Bloch.

1. When did you first come to Horizon House?

I started in August of 2017, after graduated from UW with a degree in Psychology.

2. What drew you to Horizon House?

I knew that I wanted to work with seniors in a Supported Living and Memory Care community, but I struggled finding the right fit. I’m not a fan of corporations or the idea working for a for-profit facility. When I stumbled across the job posting for Horizon House, I felt like it was truly meant to be. Not only did Horizon House meet my nonprofit standards, it emphasized living creatively, which as an artist & art teacher is a motto I live by.

3. Where do you currently live and where is your hometown?

For the past twelve years I’ve been living all around Seattle. Currently, I live on Capitol Hill, in what my friends call a small, heavily decorated apartment. Growing up, I lived in Laguna Beach, California. My family has been living there for almost a century! The town is sprinkled with my family’s history, from the bar where my grandparents met during WWII, to my mother’s artwork which can be found throughout the town. It’s a very special place for me. I often have dreams about swimming at Diver’s Cove, the small beach a block from my house, where four generations of my family have enjoyed swimming & snorkeling.

4. What do you like to do when you are “outside of The House” (on days off, etc.)? 

On days off I can often be found teaching art, riding a ferry boat to Bainbridge, checking out one of the many wonderful art museums Seattle has to offer, hiking, going to a lecture, seeing live music, getting drinks with friends, or just at my house alone reading….which is one of my favorite ways to spend my time. I also host monthly discussion groups on my research within the field of thanatology, which is the scientific study of death and the practices associated with it. So, a fair amount of my free time goes to planning, hosting, and researching about death. It’s super fun, I promise!

5. What is something interesting about yourself that no one at Horizon House may know?

Gosh, I’ll give you my top three Jessica Facts: I don’t know how to ride a bike….I’m considered one of California’s worst drivers (and I have a letter from the DMV to prove it)….I made a large scale art installation in 2016, which is permanently on display at the Black Lodge, a Seattle DIY music venue on Eastlake.

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