Fast Five: Timothy Royes

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Each month, we ask a new staff member to tell us random facts about themselves. It’s a quick and easy way to get to know a bit more about what’s beyond the face. This month, we feature Timothy Royes, Maître D’ in Dining Services.

Timothy Royes, pictured right, with a Dining Services coworker.

1. When did you first come to Horizon House?

I started at Horizon House in October 2016.

2. What drew you to Horizon House?

Before coming to Horizon House, I worked at the Sheraton Seattle for 17 years with employees and guests. I felt like family to the employees but wanted more guest connection. I feel more connected at Horizon House because of the residents!

3. Where do you currently live and where is your hometown?

I grew up in Pontiac, Michigan where my dad worked for GM for 31 years. Now I live close to downtown Seattle.

4. What do you like to do when you are “outside of The House” (on days off, etc.)? 

Outside of “The House,” I first like to spend time with my daughter, Malia. I like to go out and go bowling. One of the things I do with my daughter is playing The Voice, meaning she sings and I turn my back to her (like the judges on the popular TV show The Voice) and if it is a good performance, I turn around!

5. What is something interesting about yourself that no one at Horizon House may know?

Malia, my daughter, is the most important person in my life. The two most important things I can teach her as a girl is to be physically strong and also mentally strong. Malia was accepted into Kennedy, a private school in Seattle two weeks ago. It is expensive, but worth every penny because as a father I didn’t want to receive a phone call saying there was a shooting at her school. I wanted her to be in a good school because I have to protect her, as her father. My priority list is:

  1. Malia
  2. Malia
  3. Malia
  4. Maybe Timothy (myself)
  5. Malia

If I am Superman, then she is Supergirl!

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