Elderwise – Cultural and Artistic Programs for Seniors

The following article, about our partner Elderwise program, with quotes from Horizon House CEO Bob Anderson, was written by Sarah J. Stevenson, a frequent contributor to A Place for Mom’s blog.

Contemporary adult day services benefit family caregivers as well as seniors, providing socialization, community, and lifelong learning. Elderwise is one program offering art classes, museum visits, and wellness activities to seniors throughout Seattle.

As today’s adults become seniors, they are redefining what it means to get older – and that new definition of getting old includes aging with grace, dignity, and creativity. This transformation in how we view aging is taking place all across the spectrum of senior care, from residential communities to neighborhood senior centers.

One innovative organization called Elderwise, which offers dementia-friendly social programs for seniors, incorporates the arts, music, and wellness into a holistic approach called spirit-centered care. Elderwise’s unique model for adult day care provides residents of downtown Seattle’s Horizon House and other community members with the opportunity for lifelong learning and healthy socialization.

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