COVID-19 Updates

A Message from Horizon House:

With the daily, rapid changes surrounding Coronavirus, we are focusing on our number one priority: keeping the Horizon House community safe and healthy. Below you will find our latest COVID-19 updates & FAQ. We only post updates as we have them so this page may not be updated daily.

If family members have any specific questions or concerns, please email us at:

We remain closed to visitors at this time but encourage family members and friends to reach out their loved ones by phone or virtual means to keep in touch, boost spirits and ease the effects of social distancing.

Update: 4/6/2020 

There are three new confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Horizon House. Two Assisted Living residents and an Assisted Living staff member have tested positive. We now have 10 known-cases at Horizon House. The staff member last worked in Assisted Living on Thursday, April 2.  

Horizon House remains under quarantine until further notice. All residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 are now quarantined in their units at Horizon HouseAll staff members who have tested positive are recovering at home.  

Horizon House is working closely with King County Public Health and other healthcare facilities to establish testing for our Assisted Living residents. Independent Living residents with symptoms continue to reach out to their Primary Care Providers for testing eligibility. 

Our Assisted Living staff members will be tested through a partnership with Virginia Mason beginning Monday, April 6. At this time, Horizon House is identifying testing options for symptomatic staff in other areas of the organization and will provide further information on this when it is available. 

We appreciate the patience and understanding of our residents, their families and our staff members during this difficult time. We will continue fighting and doing our very best to keep the Horizon House community safe and healthy. If you have a loved one at Horizon House and have any questions that are not addressed in the FAQ at the bottom of this page, please email us at   


Update: 4/1/2020 3:20 PM

Three additional Assisted Living staff members have tested positive for COVID-19. There are now sevenknown cases of COVID-19 at Horizon House which remains under strict quarantine.   

  • The staff members who tested positive are recovering at home and report they are feeling well.   
  • The two residents who tested positive for COVID-19 remain at the hospital. 

We understand that this is a stressful time for our residents, staff members and extended community. If you have a family member who is a resident at Horizon House and have any questions or concerns that are not addressed in the FAQ at the bottom of this webpage, please email us at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

We will continue to update you as we get more information. We are working with King County Public Health and continue to follow the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  


Update: 3/31/2020 4:20 PM

We have two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Assisted Living at Horizon House 

resident left the community on Monday, March 30 and tested positive for COVID-19 on March 31. The resident remains at a local hospital 

A staff member tested positive for COVID-19 on March 31. This staff member last worked in Assisted Living on Saturday, March 28. They are in quarantine at home and recovering well.  

These are the third and fourth known cases of COVID-19 in our community. An Assisted Living employee and an Independent Living resident previously tested positive. Horizon House remains under quarantine 

These are very trying times for our residents and staff members. While we continue to work through this difficult situation, our focus remains the same: doing our very best to keep everyone at Horizon House healthy and safe. We are working with King County Public Health and continue to follow the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 


Update: 3/30/2020, 7:45 AM 

An Independent Living resident has tested positive for COVID-19. The resident was taken by ambulance to a local hospital on Sunday, March 29 where they tested positive. The resident remains hospitalized.   

This is the second confirmed case of COVID-19 at Horizon House; an employee who recently tested positive for COVID-19 is recovering at home and doing well. 

Horizon House is now going into full quarantine in Independent Living. Assisted Living has been in quarantine for the last two weeks and will remain so. All residents are to self-isolate in their apartments and only leave only for necessary medical appointments. Residents leaving for any other reason will not be able to re-enter Horizon House until after the quarantine is lifted.

Our common areas remain closed. Our meal delivery service is still operating, and we have encouraged our residents to order groceries online. We continue to provide support with ordering groceries for all residents if needed and are delivering groceries to their doors.  

This is a hard time for our community and we greatly appreciate the support and patience as we try to navigate through this difficult situation. We continue to follow the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and King County Public Health Department. 


Update: 3/29/2020 11:05 AM

A Horizon House employee recently tested positive for COVID-19. The employee last worked at Horizon House on Tuesday, March 24 in Assisted Living, but did not display any symptoms at work. Our employee is recovering at home and thankfully doing well.  

Assisted Living has been in quarantine for two weeks and will remain so per the King County Public Health Department. Assisted Living residents have been dining in their apartments and all activities have been cancelled for the last two weeks.  

Because of the quarantine in Assisted LivingIndependent Living residents have not been in contact with staff or residents in Assisted Living. Independent Living residents are following Governor Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” mandate.  

This is an incredibly stressful time and Horizon House recognizes the emotional toll that isolation and social distancing can have on mental health. To further support our residents combat any feelings of loneliness or anxiety, we have launched a ‘Well-Being Call Team.” This team, made up of employees, is working daily to call our residents to see how they are doing, offer reassurance where needed, and ensure they have someone to talk to. We are also helping our residents to be social with friends and family through virtual means where possible. 

We are continuing to monitor this situation and will provide more updates as we can. If you have a family member at Horizon House and have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 


Update: 3/24/2020

Due to Governor Jay Inslee’s Stay Home Mandate, all Horizon House residents are asked to spend as much time as possible in their apartments. It’s time to stay home! 

  • Residents who must leave the building for medical appointments, grocery runs, etc. will continue to be screened upon reentry. Screening will now include seven questions along with a temperature check.  
  • Common areas are now closed. 
  • Residents must adhere to social distancing rules while in Horizon House. 
  • We continue to offer complimentary delivery to Independent Living resident apartments three times per day.  


Update: 3/23/2020 

As of today, March 23, 2020, there are no suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Horizon House. Notwithstanding, we are planning for an escalation in the virus that could require Horizon House to care for ill residents on site if medical facilities are overburdened. To that end:

  • Horizon House has identified an area within our community that would be utilized in the event we need to isolate any residents who have confirmed COVID-19 cases.
  •  Isolation rooms have been setup with negative air pressure units, zippered entrances to and from units, and isolation carts for staff.
  • Staff are equipped with personal protection equipment (PPE).

Our current practice is:

  • All common areas have been rearranged to ensure residents are practicing social distancing
  • No more than 10 residents can occupy a common space at any given time.
  • Residents may leave the building for medical appointments, to pick up groceries/prescriptions and go for walks. 
  • All people entering the building are being screened, including residents. 
  • Internal restaurants are closed, however meals are available on a take-out basis with complementary room service

Horizon House is beyond impressed with the commitment from our staff. Despite working under hardship and uncertainty, they are taking this journey one day at a time, bringing a sense of calm and normality to the lives of our residents, uplifting spirits and smiling despite the unknown times ahead.

We are committed to resident safety and wellness and are working around the clock to develop and implement policies, protocols and additional emergency plans. As the situation develops, we will keep you all updated and informed, as resident safety and wellness is paramount.

Update: 3/18/2020 

While there are no COVID-19 cases at Horizon House at this time, we are following the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and King County Public Health Department. These guidelines have brought on a number of changes to daily life for our residents but are necessary in our efforts to lower the risk of exposure and keep all members of our community safe.

  • We are minimizing risk to our residents by reducing gatherings, sanitizing public spaces more often and with specialized cleansers, and encouraging social distancing and regular hand washing.
  • Family members and friends have been asked to stay away, in an effort to minimize transmission.
  • We are screening all people daily before they are allowed access to our campus. 

Thank you for your continued support and for being a valuable member of our broader community. Please note that any/all updates relating to the novel Coronavirus will be posted her

Friends & Families FAQ:

Can you describe to us the screening procedure for Horizon House staff and residents?  

  • Anyone entering Horizon House is required to answer a series of CDC-recommended questions. At each screening point, each person entering Horizon House has their temperature taken. This happens each time they enter the building and these same practices are applied to residents. No one is exempt from screening.  


Has there been any testing until now? How are your negotiations with KCPH going?  Is there anything family members can do to support your efforts, for example, contacting elected officials? Has there been any investigation into private testing? 

  • Horizon House does not offer testing, but works with resident’s health care providers if testing is needed. We are working with the King County Public Health Department to set up testing for our assisted living community at Horizon House for residents and staff members in those areas, however this is not yet confirmed. If at any time we need family members to step in and support our efforts, we will ask and we greatly appreciate the offer! 


We appreciated the detailed information provided in that email, in particular the note from Dr. George Counts. Is it possible for family members to receive future emails regarding the Covid-19 outbreak?  If so, could you please add us to the mailing list? 

  • We don’t have an email list for family members at this time, but all updates are posted on our website and Facebook page. 


What precautions are being taken with regards to dining, mail and package delivery? 

  • All staff members working in Dining Services are wearing masks while preparing and delivering meals. Mail and packages are being sorted by staff members and delivered to the front door of each resident apartment as our mail room is closed. Deliveries are only to the door; staff do not enter units. 


What precautions are being taken with regards to the air flow in the building?  

  • The Facilities Team has adjusted our main air handling units so that they are supplying as much outside air as possible, rather than recirculated air. Usually during this time of year, to save energy, these units would automatically adjust so that the majority of the air being supplied is recirculated air. For this reason, we have overridden the system so that the dampers that control the intake of outside air are 70% open, rather than only 30% open. Once outside air temperatures are warm enough, probably by next week, this will allow us to adjust these units so that they are supplying 100% outside air. We have attempted to do this with current outside air temps in the 40’s, but the units are unable to maintain necessary supply air temperatures. As for air filtration, we are using ‘MERV 13’ filters that are capable of filtering out almost everything from the air, including viruses. 


What happens if Horizon House resident has a suspected case of COVID-19?   

  • We will work with the resident’s primary care provider, per resident’s consent, and the King County Public Health Department to have the resident tested. We will ensure the resident remains in isolation until test results are received.  
What happens if Horizon House has a confirmed case of COVID-19? 
  • We will follow the directives of their primary care provider and the King County Public Health Department. Based on the CDC guidelines, the recommendation is to isolate in place.  For Independent Living residents, if additional support is necessary, we will help procure home care (listed as an essential service and thus, home care, home health and hospice workers continue to be allowed to enter Horizon House and provide services). If a resident is unable to remain in Independent Living safely, even with home care, we have identified an area within our community where we have prepared isolation units.  We would transfer a resident to that space and a Horizon House care team would provide the support.

Will residents be able to stay-in-place and self-quarantine? 

  • The primary care provider will determine if hospitalization is required and whether there is hospital capacity at the time.  If hospitalization is not required, the CDC guideline is to remain in place in isolation. 

Will a family member be allowed to move-in to a resident apartment to care for their family member, and then stay quarantined there until it’s deemed safe to leave? 

  • We are currently not allowing family members to enter and provide care to residents. We will re-visit this IF for any reason home care providers are not able to provide services and if we experience work force shortages. 

Will there be medical supplies available such as cough medicine, symptom relief medicine, that could be supplied to the residents who are quarantined? 

  • Our Clinic can work with the provider to order and deliver necessary medications. 

Will Hospice care be allowed to come in to Horizon House to see and treat residents? 

  • Yes. 

How can families get a hold of residents that live here?

  • We strongly encourage families to reach out by phone, email or other social media channels with Horizon House residents.


Can family bring groceries or other supplies to the outside of the front entrance for a staff member to receive and deliver to an apartment? 

  • Yes. Family members can deliver outside the main entrance and a member of staff will bring the groceries inside and deliver them to the residents apartment. 


Is Horizon House in quarantine? If so, what does that mean?

  • Yes. At this time all residents are asked to self isolate and remain in their apartments. Our common areas are closed and no visitors are allowed to enter the building. 

How will residents get mail?

  • Mail is being delivered as usual.


How will residents get packages?

  • Packages are being delivered as usual.


How will residents get prescriptions that are delivered? 

  • Prescriptions are being delivered to resident apartments. 

Can residents leave the building for medical appointments or to pick up prescriptions from a local pharmacy? 

  • Yes. These are the only reasons we recommend leaving Horizon House. Residents will be screened upon re-entry.


Can residents leave if we were planning to go away for a few days and if so, will they able to get back in?   

  • Each person should discuss their own health risks with their provider before traveling. Any resident leaving for reasons other than medical appointments will not be allowed to re-enter Horizon House until the quarantine has been lifted.  


If family members have specific questions or wish, they can email