Community Partners: Horizon House and Food Lifeline

Late in 2012 Horizon House began donating leftover edible food to Food Lifeline. Through this partnership, we have donated 1,694 pounds of food that helped to create 1,412 meals. This is food that would have been tossed into our compost. By helping our neighbors, we’re lightening the load that would have been picked up by Cedar Grove Composting, and saving money to boot.

Linda Nageotte, President and CEO of Food Lifeline, sent us their thanks: “Food Lifeline connects the surpluses of the food industry to our network of programs that get it to those in need. We are constantly finding new ways to redirect the enormous amount of food that goes to waste every year; diverting over 30 million pounds of good, wholesome food away from landfills and to the plates in our community that need filling. Through these efforts, Food Lifeline provides 30% of the meals being served by local food programs. But we couldn’t do it without you. We truly appreciate our partnership with Horizon House.”

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