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By the Numbers

As I wrote this article, I had just celebrated 90 days as CEO of Horizon House. I don’t like to think of my days as numbered, but I’m sure you can appreciate that this is an important milestone.

99% of my time is spent in a heightened state of observation—listening, learning, and delighting in the Seattle sunshine that has been in abundance since moving here from Chicago in June.

Learning the names and interests of the more than 532 people who call Horizon House home is something that gets me up in the morning. The roster of residents reads like a Who’s Who directory of fascinating people. Age is irrelevant. Ideas are paramount. Energy is endless. There are more than 70 different committees directed by residents who arrange for speakers, musical groups, educational forums, ethnic awareness initiatives, tours of Seattle neighborhoods, emphasis of the arts, and an endless stream of stimulating programs that others have yet to imagine—this all occurs 7 days a week.

People move here from all over the country. Most recently, 20% moved from First Hill and 14% from out of state, primarily Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Utah, and Oregon.

The culture of Horizon House is further enriched by the 327 dedicated staff members who hail from more than 27 nationalities and all have 1 thing in common—respect and admiration for the residents of Horizon House.

My mother keeps asking me if I have met anyone new since moving to Seattle. Well, if we are going by the numbers and are doing the math, you can see that I am meeting a great many and it has only just begun! As our Board of Directors has reminded me, the only thing more important than the first 90 days is the next 900. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and I invite you stop in and visit me at Horizon House.

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