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Bob Anderson to Retire June 2015

It is with a sense of deep appreciation and tremendous satisfaction for the almost 16 years of service as CEO of Horizon House that I announce my plan to retire in June 2015. I have very mixed emotions about this decision as Horizon House, this wonderful community of residents, staff, families, and trustees, has been completely woven into my life on all levels, a tour of duty that I have cherished from the day I arrived on October 15, 1998. I realized recently that I have served this remarkable institution for 30 percent of its life and more than one-third of my career. I can simply say these have been the very best years of my professional life. The amount of gratitude I feel for this privilege to serve here cannot be adequately expressed in words.

This decision is driven mainly by my desire to have more time with my family and to honor the 44 years of support and care provided by my wonderful wife, Julie, who has embraced the Horizon House resident community with a passion and commitment that has made my job so much richer and more fulfilling. I will reach the age of 70 next June and feel blessed to have good health and plenty of energy at this time to apply to my future endeavors. I will also have the privilege of becoming a grandfather later this year, and I know there are some delightful experiences awaiting me with that new fellow.

Perhaps the hardest part of this decision is leaving this fabulous community of residents and staff, so many dear friends, colleagues, and kindred spirits; as we say here—Living and working in the spirit of community. How remarkable a run it has been for me to be a part of this gracious and dynamic place!

I wanted to announce this decision now so that the Board of Trustees will have plenty of time to select my successor, and frankly so I have the time to complete my work priorities and to say farewell to you all. I have seven months and I intend to be at full pace until my departure mid-year 2015. I have offered to serve as a strategic advisor in some capacity if that would serve the interests and needs of the Board and new CEO. I will work as diligently as ever to advance the important work of the organization and to help set the strategic agenda for many years to come. If I can be of service beyond that time in some capacity, I will be pleased to do so.

I believe we have the most capable team of executives, managers, and staff in the senior living industry anywhere in the region. We are financially healthy, operationally sound, and strategically focused on many exciting opportunities for the future. We are solidly anchored in our mission of service to our residents, their quality of life and financial security, as well as our commitment to the broader community.

This isn’t a farewell message; we’ll have plenty of time for that—I just wanted to keep you informed and say thank you!

Sincerely, Bob

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